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Things I Wish I Knew as a First Time Parent.. Heating Pad Hack
Share with a mom or dad who NEEDS this baby transfer hack!! This is my new favorite mom hack and seriously has changed the baby transfer game for us! Hope it helps! #mom #momhack #babyhack #momsoftiktok
Eat Your Breakfast in Peace 🍳🥞☕️
LESS IS MORE FOR TODDLERS! They don’t need much to be entertained. In fact, they’re more likely to stick with an activity when it is simple. All you need for this one is some washi tape, a cardboard tube (toilet paper rolls work), some pom poms, and a bowl! Tape the tube to the wall at their height and show them how to drop the pom poms through the tube and into the bowl. This activity bought me some nice quality breakfast time and can do the same for you 😂
Mastering Baby Sleep Cycles: What to Do When They Wake Up
Learn how to effectively handle those midnight awakenings by understanding your baby's sleep transitions. Remember, it's crucial to pause, listen, and observe before responding. Welcome to Sleepy Savants - your go-to source for all things sleep-related. Explore our curated selection of top-notch sleep products by clicking the link in bio.
Fun summer activity for your toddler!🌞
You just need a bucket of water and some old paint brushes lying around!💦 Thank you for sharing this fun activity 📸 @abbieflake ❤️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #baby #cutebabies #parenting #skaldoandmalin #babyproof #toddlerideas #toddleractivities #momhacks #relatablemoments
Diy Baby Pull Up Bar
baby diy idea. Baby pull up bar.
Soft parenting works
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HOW WE DID IT ⬇️ •Schedule a long weekend (3 days) where you can be home the ENTIRE time. No grocery runs. No work. No TVs. No phones. Your full focus needs to be potty training. ‼️ If possible, get a babysitter/ask family to watch your other kids! ‼️ Have meals planned so you don’t spend time cooking. Order in or go for foods like hot dogs and watermelon. •Get rid of allllllll diapers and don’t look back! Include your little in the process so they can see the diapers leaving. We gave ours to