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Dal fry
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Paneer Moong Dal Chilla/Cheela Recipe
Learn how to make Delhi-style paneer moong dal chilla/cheela recipe at home. If you love street food, then you should definitely give this recipe a try. This chilla is made with yellow moong dal, paneer and some veggies.
Breakfast recipes
Indian Masala Dosa
Learn how to make perfect, crispy Masala Dosa. These South Indian breakfast-style dosa are stuffed with a light and fluffy potato masala, reminiscent of grandma’s home cooking. Gluten free and vegan. Watch how to make Masala Dosa with my step-by-step recipe and video. From fermenting dosa batter, to learning how to spread thin dosa, as well as dosa cooking techniques, this is the ultimate guide to making Masala Dosa at home.
Holi special suji laddu
two pictures with different types of food in the same bowl and one has an omelet on it
Vegan French Toast | Indian Spiced Masala Toast
Chikkad Chole
Chikkad chole😍 Punjab special.. Thick & creamy texture chole.
a spoon full of cream and nuts in a bowl
Sabudana Kheer. Indian Tapioca Pudding
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rava cake recipe | suji cake recipe in cooker | eggless suji ka cake in a pan
rava cake recipe | suji cake recipe in cooker | eggless suji ka cake in a pan with step by step photo and video recipe. cake recipes have traditionally been made with plain flour or maida to get the required texture. in addition, it requires the baking oven to bake these cakes which can be tricky and may not be available for everyone. hence there have been so many modifications to this cake recipe and sooji cake is one recipe made in a saucepan without any egg.
chilli garlic breadsticks recipe | chilli garlic toast sticks | garlic breadsticks
Turkish Chicken Adana Kebab Recipe With Homemade Skewers by Aqsa's Cuisine, Adana kebab