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a series of photos showing how to use the camera for an image with multiple angles
Beth Ramirez Photography. For more great pics, and photography tips and tric… | Studio portrait photography, Photography studio setup, Portrait photography lighting
How To Take Blurry Photos | Photography Tips By Cassidy Lynne
So "How do you capture candid style photos that have lots of movement?..." So if you want to take photos on your camera and get a nice blur to your photos like this, here's what you need to do! • The first thing is you need to have a low shutter speed. • So, usually I put my shutter speed around 1 over 10. • Because of this you're gonna need your aperture higher and your ISO lower. • Once you have your settings correct you need 2 other things. • 1. You need to do a pose that involves movement. So I like to tell my couples to run or walk or something like that. • 2. Then you'll also need to move your camera in the slightest. So literally just take your camera and just kind of like shake it like that, a little bit. • You might need to do a couple of times but I promise you you will