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the steps to make a cat bed with purple gloves on top and hands in front
5 Life Hacks Fur Cat Owners
13 Useful Hacks Every Avocado Lover Needs To Know
4 Hacks For Avocado Lovers
a person holding a basket with plants in it and a sign that says home sweet home
Rustic Housewarming Gift Basket - Angela Marie Made
Rustic, cozy, and practical Housewarming Gift Basket idea. Easy tips for creating gift baskets, click for details!
a black and white cat laying in a litter box on the ground with green grass
Cat-Toe Shoes + The Importance Of Compromise In A Cat-Human Slave Relationship
Make a grass lounge for your indoor cat with a cement mixing pan and a sheet of sod from your local hardware store. (Only $10 for the tray and sod, new sod costs about $2.50 in our area and lasts up to 5 days indoors.)
the before and after pictures of a kitchen remodel
Cheap small kitchen remodel ideas 0039 -
Cheap small kitchen remodel ideas 0039 #kitchenmakeovers
an open box with some paint on the ground
Twister. Good thing about this is that you don't have to worry about slipping on the mat
the instructions for how to clean glass jars
Repurpose Your Candle Jars With This Easy Trick (DIY Storage Jars)
DIY: How to get wax out of candle jars! This easy trick takes hardly any effort at all, and is a great way to recycle, repurpose and reuse. Recycled projects and crafts are always my favorite because they're either really cheap or cost nothing at all. You could even sell these as pretty storage jars! A life hack everyone should know.
a living room with a dog crate and christmas tree
Custom Wood Dog Kennels
#tbt to this beautiful Christmas Doggie Den with custom staining! One of our favorites :)