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a poster with different things in it and the words watertag written on it's side
Eine Idee für den Vatertag- kostenlose Vorlage
a poster with words and pictures on it that say fasching in different languages
Fasching in unserer Kita & Krippe 💭💚 die schönste Erinnerung
a green and white poster with words on it
Kinderinterview für Kinder im Kindergarten, Kita oder Hort
an image of a menu with flowers and words on the front, in black and white
Ideen für Kinder-Ordner in der Kita: "Meine Eltern & Ich"
a drawing of a person standing in front of two medals with the words papa on it
Portfolio - alles über Papa
the silhouettes of people are shown in black and white, including one with a kite
Meine Erzieher:innen 💚💭 Erinnerungsseite
a drawing of a person holding flowers in front of two medals
Portfolio - alles über Mama
a card with the words meine mau - tich on it
Werkstatt der guten Gedanken 💭 kostenlose Portfolio
a card with the words mein paa & rich written in german, and an image of
a diagram with different types of paper on it
Eine Seite "Über mich"- kostenlose Vorlage
an image of a birthday card with hearts and bunting on the line above it
Geburtstags Portfolio
a child's hand is holding up a piece of paper with an image of people on it
So groß und so schwer
an image of some kind of spiral in the middle of a sheet of paper with writing on it
So groß und so schwer
a pink background with clouds and rainbows
an image of a tree and some animals
Portfoliovorlage Im Wald
a pink background with an image of musical instruments and a blank sign that says, ih mache musk
Portfoliovorlage Musik
a children's book with an image of a panda on a ladder and the words mein mittagschraff
Mein Mittagsschlaf. U3.
a card with trees and snowflakes in the background, which reads wir spieln im schnee
Portfoliovorlage - Im Schnee
a construction themed worksheet with an image of a crane
Portfoliovorlage - Mein Bauwerk