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a man sitting down writing on a piece of paper with a pen in his hand
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| We Heart It
three people sitting in chairs reading books and looking at something on the floor next to them
GANT Fall Winter 2010 Collection
GANT Fall Winter 2010 Collection | Studio5555
two people sitting in chairs reading books in front of a large book shelf filled with books
Ivy Trendwatch/Dark Academia: Nick Clements' Photo Shoots For Men's File - Ivy Style
Rocking that class sweater
a group of young people standing around each other looking at something on a cell phone
hello boys.
black and white photo of men playing chess in front of bookshelves with wine glasses
a young man leaning against a wall in front of a door wearing a suit and tie
intergalactic nerd
benjamin eidem in “love in a warm climate”,photographed by lachlan bailey for man about town #12
two men sitting at a table with books and papers in front of them, one writing
studying in library, just don't let the ghost get you
a woman sitting on a chair in front of statues and holding a book while looking at the camera
Sophisticated: Bild
Sophisticated : Foto
black and white photograph of people walking up the stairs in an old building with statues on either side
keroiam: ““ Musée du Louvre, Paris. Photographer Anna Kucherova ” ”
a hand reaching for something in front of a white statue with one hand on it's finger
Retro Babe
voulx: Black Napkin (1, 2)
a person sitting on the ground reading a book in a building with statues behind them
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