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a fenced in area with benches and tables on the grass next to a field
Water Vortex Drives Power Plant
The diameter of the vortex basin is 5 meters. The head - difference between the two water levels - is 1,6 meters. The turbine produced 50.000 kWh in its first year of operation. Construction cost was 57.000 Euro
an aerial view of a toilet in the middle of a grassy area with a blue and white ring around it
Turbulent Hydro Will Make Hydropower Green Again #peoplebazar
a green roof with water coming out of it
Turbulent VORTEX Demonstration
These Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 Renewable Energy For Dozens Of Homes - YouTube
a manhole in the ground that is filled with water
ZOTLÖTERER - worldwide first Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plant
10kW Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plant, Austria - the first hydro power plant which generates electricity, aquatic plants, microbe and fishes http://www.zotloeterer.com/.
two men are working on a machine that is pouring water into a bowl with a metal spigot
ZOTLÖTERER - worldwide first Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plant - YouTube
a large metal bowl sitting on top of a wooden crate in the grass next to a fence
The Black Hole
Water Vortex Power Plant Debuts in Switzerland
a group of people standing around an open pit
TARAI water vortex power - YouTube
an image of a hot tub being built in the ground next to a diagram of what it is supposed to look like
Of Electricity Woes And How This Startup Plans To Charge Up Kerala
Artificial Vortex project. Artificial Vortex Artificial Vortex Water has a natural tendency to form whirlpools and the project is rightly based on leveraging this tendency of water. By artificially creating a whirlpool (i.e.Vortex), the project intends to generate power through the kinetic energy of flowing water.