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a poem written in german with flowers
Sommerküsschen - Sommergedicht * Elkes Kindergeschichten
an image of a printable worksheet for children to practice addition and subtraction
Rekenen met dobbelsteen
the numbers are arranged in rows to make it easier for children to learn how to count
Splitsen Herfst; juf Krista -
a table with several words and numbers on the same page, including one for each word
Wortfindung: Was wird aus Eiern? - Therapiematerial Sprache -
the worksheet shows how to make an addition for numbers 1 - 10 with dices
Wat is er gegooid met de dobbelstenen? [1]
printable worksheet for addition to numbers with the same number and place value
a table with many questions on it, including the words and numbers in each language
Eine Zwischendurchübung (27) - ABC Spiel (N-Rätsel)
the numbers and symbols in this worksheet are arranged to make it look like they have
Splitsen: Toetsen
a worksheet with words and pictures to help kids learn how to read the weather
a poster with different fruits and vegetables on it's side, including the words less und vokabelbung - optt
Obst - Leseübung
the printable worksheet for addition and subtraction
Kopfrechnen ZR 10
an image of a poster with words in different languages
Rund um die Artikel
a snowman is holding a baseball bat in front of the numbers on this worksheet
Was ihr dürft...