A Very Harry Christmas

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a white bird in a cage sitting on top of a table next to a christmas tree
Magical Harry Potter Christmas Tree You NEED TO See
a person holding up a christmas ornament in a box with other ornaments inside
Harry Potter Christmas ornaments I just made! Take off ornament cap, spray in spray adhesive, add Extra fine glitter, shake. Let dry & put on cap ornament cap. Done!
a glass ornament hanging from a christmas tree
four different christmas ornaments with the name harry potter on one ornament, and an image of hogwart's house on the other
These house crest ornaments:
These house crest ornaments: | Community Post: 19 Magical Gifts For People Who Love "Harry Potter"
a hand holding a glass ornament with the word written on it and an image of a snake
Hogwarts House Ornaments - Mad Like Alyce
a decorated christmas tree in the corner of a room with many pictures on the wall
Harry Potter Christmas tree
a hand holding a glass ornament with a lion on it and the word harry potter
Hogwarts House Ornaments - Mad Like Alyce
the best ideas for a harry potter themed christmas stocking
Harry Potter Themed Christmas Stocking
If you live with or have a close friend who is a harry potter fanatic then they will LOVE this Harry Potter Themed Christmas Stocking!
three christmas ornaments hanging from the top of a tree with lights around them and an advertisement on one ornament
Hogwarts House Ornaments - Mad Like Alyce