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a group of santa claus hats sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
four different pictures of red and white paper with gold crosses on them, one in the shape of a church
an image of some paper crafts on a table
Nikolaus falten
a coloring page with an image of a person in the center, surrounded by stars and planets
Blog | Malvorlage für den Nikolaustag
Ideenreise - Blog | Malvorlage für den Nikolaustag
a book cover with an image of a cartoon character holding a wand and wearing a crown
Bewegungsspiel Nikolaus für den Kindergarten - kinderlachen-ideen
Ein Nikolaus-Bewegungsspiel für den Kindergarten und die Kita. Es eignet sich für Kinder unter 3 Jahren (Krippe) als auch über 3 Jahre (Kindergarten).
a cartoon character with a cross on his head and holding a cane in his hand
a child is sitting at a table with a paper plate in front of him and a smiley face
paper cones with santa claus and other decorations on top of a shelf in front of pictures