Tiny house ideas

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an info sheet describing how to build a little house
The 0 House Project - Tiny House Blog
the plans for a tree house are shown in black and white, with information about it
National Park Service:Park Structures and Facilities (Lookout Towers and Overlooks)
a drawing of a small wooden cabin with tools and materials on the outside, including an oven
a diagram showing the inside of a house with its components labeled in english and spanish
Bioshelters: Year-Round Food Production in New England
a small cabin is shown next to a drawing of the floor plan for a tiny cabin
Learn and Be Inspired by Deek Diedrickson's Book on Tiny Houses
two pictures side by side one shows a tiny house and the other shows a bed
BUILD IT: The Star-gazer Micro Camper
there are many bookshelves on the wall and behind them is a book shelf
an old trailer is parked in the grass with its door open and shelves on it
a living area with couches, chairs and an airstream
North Georgia Glamping - Mountain Retreat
Mountain Retreat & Small Farm
a house with a pond in front of it and a deck on the other side
a man on top of a roof working on a green roof with plants growing out of it
La Fuente Portico - Greenroofs.com