3 bay compost bin

Transform your garden waste into nutrient-rich compost with these effective 3 bay compost bin designs. Discover the best methods to compost your organic materials for a healthier garden.
5 Ways to Heat Up Your Compost!

Want to get finished compost faster? You may want to try increasing the internal temperature of your backyard bin! Contrary to popular belief, compost piles do not heat up due to atmospheric condit…

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in their photographs and stories. I hope by sharing other people’s pictures and stories here on One Hundred Dollars a Month we can all have an awesome year. Keep them coming! Hi Mavis! My husband and I made some items with pallets, based off two of your projects Read More >>

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We have just constructed what Jim Crockett (of the old PBS series, The Victory Garden) refers to as the Cadillac of Compost Bins. Plans, tips, & cost comparisons follow. As you can see, it's actually three bins in one. The main feature of the three bin arrangement is that rath...

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Go to Home Page The best material that you can put in a compost bin to start the process off is garden soil. This will contain all the microbes that compost needs to start and continue the rotting process. Starting from the soil-in-the-compost-bin point, you can continue to put in any food-waste. This will, then, Read More