Abandoned hospital creepy mental asylum

Experience the eerie atmosphere of an abandoned hospital, once a mental asylum. Uncover the chilling history and discover the hidden mysteries that lie within its walls. Are you brave enough to step inside?
Wheelchair in asylum D (UK). The place closed down in the late 1990s, after being open for 150 years - By [AndreasS] via flickr Haunted Places, Horror, Fotografia, Fotografie, Photography Sites, Lugares, Abandoned Cars, Abandoned Places, Photos

Thanks to Rusty who found this nice example of old wheelchair in this magic old lunatic asylum. The place closed down in the late 1990s, at a age of 150. From the "1000 miles and running" tour. 10 urbex locations all around UK in 4 days. Picture used by the band Chain Reaction on the cover of Revolving Floor album. chainreactionpl.bandcamp.com/album/revolving-floor =) On tour with Andre Govia, Rusty Photography, Martin Widlund and Haribohoe. My Drone Photography site: www.airbuzz.one…