African buffalo

Discover the incredible world of African buffalos and learn about their behavior, habitat, and unique characteristics. Get inspired by stunning photos and videos of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.
Male African Water Buffalo | Shutterbug Buffalo Dip, Buffalo Chicken Nachos, Buffalo Animal, African Buffalo, Buffalo Chicken Wraps, Africa Wildlife, 10 November, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Nikon D7100

While on safari just west of Kruger National Park on 10 November 2019 our vehicle came upon a herd of African Water Buffalos. This adult male only gave us a passing glance as he fed on the local grasses of the savannah. Shot with a Nikon D7100, Tamron 18-400 mm lens, 250mm focal length, 1/1250 sec exposure, f/10, ISO 2800.

Sharon Oldfield