American girl doll pets

Enhance your American Girl doll collection with these adorable pets. Discover a wide range of pets that will provide hours of fun and companionship for your dolls.
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Kanani's Accessories is part of Kanani's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2011. The retail cost was $28. Purple digital camera with grey lens. White flower design on bottom left. Two cardboard photos: one of leis and one of a yellow flower. Pink travel brochure for Hawaii. Front is pink with a dark outline of palm trees. The rest of the brochure is shades of yellow and has facts and attraction information about Hawaii. Measures 2.25" x 2" when open. Small blue paper…

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The Comfy and Cozy Pet Bed is a My American Girl/Coconut Item accessory set released in 2011 and retired in 2013. Retail cost was $22. Lilac and light blue rectangular pet bed. Lilac fabric outside with lighter purple floral graphic. Blue trim. Light blue cushion with lighter blue dots and darker blue paw print pattern. Lilac plastic food bowl with "food" written in lowercase white font on side. Plastic ball chew toy with lilac and magenta stripes on it. String pieces hang off either side in…

Jane Afton
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The Sea Turtle is part of Lea's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2016. The retail cost was $18. Plush sea turtle. Flippers, tail, and face of pale beige soft fabric with tan spots. Quilted shell of mottled tan-and-aqua fleece. Cream fleece underside and chin. Embroidered brown eyes with black pupils. Lea’s animals came in unique open boxes with carry handles. The back of the box had a photograph and a few facts about the animal represented. $1 of every Sea Turtle sold (up…

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Coconut (also Coconut Chip) is a white Westie dog marketed as part of the modern line. She was released in 2000 (as male at the time) and considered a mascot for the line along with Licorice from 2003 to 2008. Coconut retained mild prominence even after the purchasable pet was retired from the line in 2016, but returned in 2022. 2000: Coconut was released and marketed as male. He came with a wicker dog bed with a blue polka dot cushion lining, pretend dog biscuits, and a rawhide chew toy for…

Sydney Ehrsam