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Plasma Discharges and Ancient Iconography Lost Symbol, Lost Civilizations, Graham Hancock, Sejarah Kuno, Spiritual Evolution, World Mythology, Ancient Astronaut, Ancient Technology, Aliens And Ufos

Last summer I posted about how certain pinched types of plasma discharges resembled petroglyphs from around the world. I wrote: "The Squatter Man (Squatting Man) Petroglyphs" The first two images in the top left corner represent how a certain pinched type of high-energy plasma discharge would appear to a viewer; the other images show examples of petroglyphs from around the globe apparently showing the same phenomena. For more information, see Peratt, Anthony L., "Characteristics for the…

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The Truth Behind the Christ Myth: The Green Man and the Legend of Jesus – Part II | Ancient Origins Ancient Artefacts, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Origins, Ancient, Ancient Artifacts, The Pleiades, Ahura Mazda, Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Knowledge

So how did the oft-used legend of the Green Man eventually become chosen to be the legend of Jesus? Let us begin when it was the life story of the ancient Green Man and work forward to the time of the Christian Son of God. [Part I here]

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6 - Anu above, Enlil, & Enki, the top 3 gods in Heaven & Earth Colony, #1 Anu, #2 Enlil, Anu's 2nd son, & #3 Enki, Anu's 1st son Ancient Aliens, Ancient Art, Statue, Ancient, Ancient Mesopotamia, Planet Nibiru, Ancient Near East, Artifacts, Historia

(SELECT REFRESH TO RE-START SLIDE-SHOWS) Enki With Other Gods, Etc., Slide-Show: (SELECT REFRESH TO RE-START SLIDE-SHOWS) Enki, God of Waters as Dagon, Wearing the "Fish's Suit" - Wet Suit, Slide-Show: (SELECT REFRESH TO RE-START SLIDE-SHOWS) Enki, Texts: (A MUST READ! – UNALTERED – EYE OPENING!) (gods in blue … mixed-breed demigods in teal) Enki Overview (

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Central to Ancient Astronaut Theory and author Zecharia Sitchin’s narrative, is a group of mythic beings known as the Anunnaki, whom he claimed crossed their own DNA with that of Homo erectus in order to create mankind—for the purpose of using humans as slaves to mine gold and other minerals. Today these Anunnaki are often portrayed as the equivalent of the Old Testament creator God.