Armored core

Explore the exhilarating world of Armored Core and discover top ideas and strategies to dominate battles. Unleash the full potential of your armored core and become a formidable force in the battlefield.
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The 03-AALIYAH is a biped Rayleonard middleweight NEXT model that first appears in Armored Core 4. The 03-AALIYAH is one of the first NEXTs, appearing in the National Dismantlement War and used by many of Rayleonard's LYNX. Considered their flagship model, it was optimized with the use of the then experimental Primal Armor and performs exceptionally in high speed combat. Some of the top LYNX, such as #1 Berlioz and #3 Anjou used this NEXT with minor weapon variations. Although excelling in…

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