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Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy massage and experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Discover the top techniques and essential oils to enhance your massage session.
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What is Aromatherapy Massage? Aromatherapy Massage is a slower, lighter, more luxurious massage than Swedish massage. It harnesses the power of essential oils and carrier oils to help you feel better quicker. Normally the aromatherapist will make you a bespoke blend of essential oils based on what you like the smell of and what problems you're hoping to address

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In this article, I will show you how to make a massage oil for sore muscles, specifically designed to kick muscle pains, aches and tensions to the curb. I have a workout class every Wednesday morning. And honestly, I'm usually sore for the next 4 days. I suppose I “work hard” during workout class. Essential oils can be very beneficial for relieving sore muscles. The oils' anti-inflammatory properties support your body's natural healing process. Massage Oil Recipe for Sore Muscles Here is a…

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