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Discover makeup tips and techniques to enhance the beauty of Asian eyes. Get expert advice on how to create stunning eye makeup looks that will make your eyes pop.
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Original author- Mo Chen Huan(莫晨欢) Original publisher -jjwxc Status in COO -150 chapters +14 extras Genre- romance, Drama English translation link is here👇 It's not my own story. It's just fun translation ‌& purposes for offline only (not commercial). Credits to original author ,eng translators and cover artist respectfully.

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"Epicanthus is a vertical fold of skin over the angle of the inner canthus of the eye. It may be slight or marked, covering the canthus and the caruncle. It is a hereditary trait in Asian people and is of no clinical significance. Also called epicanthal fold, epicanthic fold. epicanthal, epicanthic, adj." More infomartion:

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