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Dress up your little one in adorable Barbie bebe outfits that will make her look like a mini fashionista. Explore the latest trends and create stylish and cute looks for your little fashion icon.
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Handmade Barbie Baby Clothes- New, Set Of 3…

Lidia FL
Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures: I must have been a Redhead in a former life - Meet the Hart Family Barbie, Newborn Baby Dolls, Baby Dolls, Doll Family, Baby Barbie, Pregnant Barbie, Barbie Has A Baby, Barbie Clothes, Bebe

I love red heads, especially red headed children. Can't explain it. Not going to try. So I knew my stories would include at least one family of red heads. Which brings me to the Hart Family. I named them the Hart family because two of the kids are from the Only Hearts Club. The infant is Baby Aiden, an Ebay purchase. He is the only one fully named. Names will be known, once they enter the doll stories. Mom and Baby Aiden will be appearing in the next story. And yes, Baby Aiden has red hair…

Francine Rhain