Basement laundry area

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Doing laundry is just one of those tedious, time-consuming parts of being human, but it can be a lot less tedious in the right space — and there are plenty of beautiful, functional laundry rooms that prove there are truly great spaces out there for folding, sorting, scrubbing, sudsing, etc. A dream laundry room, according to experts, has ample counter space, cabinets for storage, a sink for the toughest stains, and plenty of spots to stack and hang things.

Joseph Drew
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I am still working on the laundry space in the basement. The latest project I tackled in that space was painting the basement floor. I'll share tips to help if you need to paint your basement. I'm really excited for you to see how it's coming along. I'm loving the diy stenciled rug AND the laundry cart.

etchasketch 🌙
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Two weekends ago on our facebook page, I mentioned that we had a little mishap with our septic system. Not little, kinda big. As in it needed to be emptied and we had septic poo water back up into our washing machine and into our basement. Gross. In our defense, there was an issue with...Read More

Antoinette Pullins
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Design the laundry room of your dreams with the best styling tips. Discover 26 basement laundry room ideas to get inspired.

Manda Bliss
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Paint is a great (if not the best!) option for dirty, uneven, old basement foundation floors. Porch and floor enamel holds up well to traffic and moisture.

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