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Learn how to make a mouthwatering Baumkuchen with this simple recipe. Impress your friends and family with this traditional German treat that is perfect for any occasion.
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German Tree Cake "Baumkuchen" is more famous in Japan than it is in Germany. Here is an easy way to make the stunning cake that resembles tree growth rings.

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This cake may take a little time to make, but it’s not especially difficult, and has a real wow-factor. It’s the number of cake layers that give it its distinctive pattern – in Germany they cook them on a spit, but we’ve gone for the easier option of a grill. The name means tree or log cake in German, because the inside looks like the grain of wood.

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The “Baumkuchen” cake is a specialty pastry relatively unknown outside of Germany. Preparing it takes a unique process by which each layer of batter is baked one after another with thin layers of jam added in between. This homemade version uses a slightly different process from conventional bakeries, but it's just as good!

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A healthier version of the traditional Kek Lapis. Original recipe shared by Daniel Leong. Ingredients 200g butter (as a personal preference, I use salted butter) 6 egg yolks 60g castor sugar 50g almond powder 100g plain flour 1tsp lapis spice* 50g milk 1tsp vanilla extract 2tsp rum* 60g castor sugar 6 egg whites *these ingredients are optional. I added them as I wanted a distinctive kek lapis taste. Method Preheat oven at 240C. Grease and line 6” square baking tin. Sieve flour with lapis…

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*********************************************************************************** Harvest Moon players were introduced to Baumkuchen in Tree of Tranquility. The Baumkuchen were the special magical Rainbow Cakes that restored the power of the Harvest Goddess and ultimately brought a new Goddess Tree into being. In Sunshine Islands, you can make your own Baumkuchen as well. In real life, Baumkuchen are extremely difficult to make, having been called the 'King of Cakes'. Here is a recipe for…

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