Beanie baby costumes

Get ready for Halloween with these creative Beanie Baby costume ideas. Transform yourself into your favorite plush toy and stand out at the party with these unique costume ideas.

Spread the loveBeanie Baby Costume DIY- a low-maintenance and totally adorable! How many of you remember Beanie Babies? They were these cute, little stuffed (mostly) animals that became a huge fad in the late 90’s. Some Beanie Babies had such a high resale value that people started selling/collecting them as a financial investment. Crazy, right?...

Megan Anderson
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Updated 2014 post to include printouts for Beanie Baby Tag. Throwbacks have been all around me lately...throwback fashion (just check out fashion week - it's all there- 50's vintage, 60's retro), throwback sport jerseys (Steelers wearing 1934 uniforms during Sunday's game - looked like bumble bees),throwback songs,throwback snacks (Dungaroos, Fruit Roll up), throwback Thursday pictures…

Patti Stanislawski

Post contains affiliate links. See our disclosure. Your baby’s first Halloween is a milestone as adorable as it is memorable. While you can definitely throw on a Halloween-themed onesie and call it a day, if you’re feeling inspired to get out the hot glue gun and let your creativity fly, there are some pretty freaking cute DIY baby Halloween costume ideas floating around to use as inspiration. Here are a few to get you giggling. When candy is the theme of the night, you might as well lean in…

Courtney Thompson