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Immerse yourself in the beauty of words with our top ideas for expressive language. Explore creative ways to enhance your vocabulary and communicate more effectively.
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Some people don't understand my love for books and language, but to me words are some of the most important things we have. Words are beautiful, because they represent beautiful, powerful things. If you can hear a word and see it's meaning appear right there in front of you, that's something magical. If you can use a word to convey something you can't quite explain, that's a connection. These words do that.

Danielle Bryan
pronunciation | el-'E-zhan (el-EE-sian as in vision) origin | greek language | english

And it was surprisingly effective! Useful as that is, though, it’s also completely ridiculous. I should not be able to iron clothes with my laptop, because that means that when it is on my lap, it is...

Melanie Boone
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(That image is the positioning idea I have for a word or two) There is no shortage in my brain of tattoo ideas. There is a noticeable shortage of other things such as intelligence, logical decision making and time-keeping skills – but the important stuff is up there. Hello, you stunning creature, you. Today’s post… Read More »Beautiful Words That I Want Tattooed – Tattoo Wishlist P1

Lisa Svensson
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I have always loved this particular painting by Alexander, and I thought that it was the perfect complement to this word: Music by Ray LaMontagne, “Emp…


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