Bird watching

Explore the fascinating world of bird watching and learn how to spot different species. Get inspired by top ideas and tips to enhance your bird watching experience.
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Beverly's Basics: Four tips for getting the most from your birding binoculars

Last of three parts So my friend gets interested in birding and tries out some binoculars. Then she comes to a complete standstill. “There’s something wrong with my eyes,” she says. “Binoculars just aren’t for me.” This scenario is not uncommon, and it makes me want to shout: Don’t give up! There are tricks! Here, […]

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Birdwatching in Southeastern North Carolina

Surrounded by nature, Brunswick Forest offers its residents the opportunity to live in harmony with local vegetation and wildlife. Birdwatching, or “birding”, is the act of observing birds in their natural habitat. Many people love making note of the different kinds of birds that visit their yards, their behaviors and their feeding habits. Here

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