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After the battle of Hogwarts and Voldemort had been defeated all darkness had disappeared. Revealing a new light in everyone lives. Hogwarts had been rebuilt and headmistress McGonagall had requested all 7th years from before the war to come back to Hogwarts to complete their last year. Cedric Diggory was found trapped in a symipyoses spell done by Voldemort to make him appear dead and had his soul trapped not allowing him to age and die in the Triwizard cup but professor McGonagall was able…

Emma Tyndall
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The most trusted Etsy store, 4everstore, brings you another gorgeous mask creation to wear and add to your collection of Venetian Masquerade Masks! You're guaranteed to look spectacular at any events you attend when wearing this stunning mask! Materials/Techniques: It's made of Resin with Venetian paint design. Measures: Approximately 6.25"wide x 3.25"tall - One size fits almost all facial features. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please…

Billie Welch
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~Royal au~ Wilbur has one job. Assassinate the prince. He's been given this job because he is the best there is...and he's desperate. There's only one problem. The prince is really fucking hard to kill. And it only gets harder once Wilbur starts to- uh oh...fall for him? When another assassin turns up, things get a lot more complicated.

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"'re shoving the food in your mouth again... " (M/N) is Iruma's younger twin brother. All (M/N) wants is one day where there's no trouble around his brother. Now that the twins have been sold off to a demon, what will happen now?... *Disclaimer: Harem will be available for both genders (or others)* Note: Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun does NOT belong to me, but it belongs to Osamu Nishi. There also might be some spoilers from the manga. ANOTHER NOTE: *VERY* SLOW UPDATES