Board game wedding

Create a wedding celebration that is both unique and fun with these board game-inspired ideas. From table decorations to interactive guest activities, discover how to make your special day truly memorable.
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Christine and Vu went all out on their details! From their gorgeous calligraphy to Christine’s gardenia bouquet, to their adorable and impeccable use of Scrabble letters, they were not messing around! I’m just going to let you get a little jealous for a minute here, I’ll catch up with ya in a sec… Check out…

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When Megan and William got engaged, they knew exactly who they’d turn to for a spectacular wedding day – the bride’s sister Cassandra Cherneski of the Jacksonville wedding planners at Flaire Weddings and Events. Per the bride’s request, Megan and William met on a secluded downtown block of The Oldest City for a sentimental first look. Megan, veiled in a lace mantilla and blusher, walked arm in arm with her father down the aisle of Ancient City Baptist Church. After the couple exchanged vows…