Calendar time kindergarten

Make calendar time in kindergarten fun and educational with these engaging activities. Discover exciting ways to teach days of the week, months, and more.
Incorporating songs during our calendar time lends itself to multi sensory learning in my special education classroom. Check out 3 of my favorite songs to use during calendar time. Preschool Calendar Time, Calendar Time Kindergarten, Time Kindergarten, Teaching Calendar, Kindergarten Architecture, Morning Calendar, Kindergarten Calendar, Calendar Skills, Preschool Calendar

My Absolute Favorite Songs to Support Calendar Skills - You Aut-A Know

Daily calendar time is a favorite for my students in my classroom. What they don’t know is that everything we do during calendar time serves a purpose. Every song I use during our morning calendar time is designed to help my students learn the days of the weeks, months of the year, types of weather, ... Read More about My Absolute Favorite Songs to Support Calendar Skills

Sandra Buchheit
What to Put On a Focus Wall in Kindergarten – Heidi Songs Weekly Focus Board Kindergarten, Focus Board Kindergarten, Kindergarten Room Ideas Classroom Setup, Homeschool Wall Ideas, Kindergarten Math Wall, Kindergarten Focus Walls, Focus Walls, Homeschool Wall, Kindergarten Calendar

What to Put On a Focus Wall in Kindergarten

Do you have a Focus Wall in your classroom? Do you know what a Focus Wall is? I used to think that nearly every primary teacher had one up in the classroom, because it just a basic teaching tool. However, I have come to realize lately that most teachers do not have one, and many have never heard of a Focus Wall at all!

Chrissy McNeil