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Elevate your camping experience with these mouthwatering BBQ recipes. From grilled meats to flavorful sides, discover the best dishes to cook over an open fire.
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3 Easy Ways to Cook over an Open Fire

Sometimes nothing tastes better than a meal you cooked over an open flame. Do it right, and the food is hot, juicy, and has a slight smokey flavor to it. Do it wrong, and you have dried out, burned, and unsavory table fare. Thankfully, there are some things you can use around the fire, like a grill, grate, or iron tripod, to make sure every meal is knock-out delicious. Here are few things to keep in mind when you're shopping for next fireside cooker.

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40 of the Best Camping Recipes to Enjoy this Summer

40 of the Best Campfire Recipes for Camping and Backyard Summer Fun. From foil packet dinners to delicious S’mores burritos and everything in between, you’ll find delicious campfire recipes to get excited about. Camping Recipes Summertime in my childhood always involved camping trips and camping recipes. I was never really a fan of sleeping in …

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Grill, Sip, Eat: Create Your Own End of Summer Outdoor Feast (Part II) - Christiann Koepke

This dish is best made in a cast iron grill on an outdoor fire while at the beach camping with friends. The smokiness of the fire adds remarkable flavor. Also delicious on your home stove in your cast iron skillet which provides a different flavor.

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