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Discover innovative and sustainable ways to make and decorate cardboard frames. Transform your photos into unique pieces of art with these DIY cardboard frame ideas.
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You can easily create a photo frame using corrugated cardboard. It’s easy to do and inexpensive too! Let’s say you bought something big for the house, quickly gutted the box, all unpacked, put and rejoice. Wait, wait, Now Smiles will be more! see some of the corrugated cardboard? Well considered? Do not dispose of this, … Continue reading "How to Make Photo Frame with Corrugated Cardboard"

Pili Rojas
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Ferrit had been wondering what to do with some old cardboard boxes she had lying around. She wanted to give the cardboard a new life and purpose so decided to make some cardboard roses, photo frames and mini frame brooches with it. Ferrit pondered... what other things could she make out of cardboard?....

Hilda Lemos
Picture Frame I Made Out Of Corrugated Cardboard Then Spray Painted Gold Diy, Crafts, Cartonnage, Cardboard Picture Frames, Diy Photo Frame Cardboard, Cardboard Frames, Cardboard Frame Diy, Cardboard Frame, Cardboard Recycling

You've probably seen those Do It Yourself projects that turned out horribly wrong. Sure they are fun to laugh at, but what about those crafty pandas that are actually good at making stuff? Great DIY projects should be appreciated too, so if you made a cool thing with your own two hands go ahead and share it with us! The best ones will be featured later in a separate post that will be shared on our Facebook pages, so give yourself the chance to show the Internet how crafty you are!

Fern quinn
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Look around you right now. Chances are you're within 20 paces of some form of waste cardboard...packaging, wrapping, boxes, containers, you name it. Despite the march of progress we seem to use as much, if not more, of the stuff. Maybe it's all's fault? Whatever the reason, there's no need for us to make matters worse by just chucking it all onto landfill, as happens a lot.

Тэм Стори
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DIY Picture Frame From Cardboard and Chocolate Wrappers : This tutorial will take you through making a treasure from scraps - A picture frame made from cardboard, covered with foil chocolate wrappers, with a multifunctional backing made from *you guessed it* cardboard. Make one of these frames for a speci…


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