Celebrity photographers

Explore the world of celebrity photography and discover the talented photographers behind iconic shots. Get inspired by their work and take your own photography skills to the next level.
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We've put together a list of some of the most famous photographers this world has ever seen. Most of the photographers on our list have left our mortal plane. Yet their images, messages, and creativity live on. We can all take something away from their careers and work.

Christophe Sautron
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There’s nothing better than celebrities and their vintage cameras. And there’s definitely nothing better than pictures of celebrities holding their vintage cameras. Marilyn Monroe with a Nikon camera Grace Kelly taking Frank Sinatra’s photo with a Hasselblad Michael Jackson with an SLR Mick Jagger with a Polaroid Bob Dylan with a Nikon SP rangefinder James Dean with a Rolleiflex Buzz Aldrin shot by Neil Armstrong (who you can also see in the helmet reflection). Buzz is holding his Hasselblad…

Milena Skokanova