Discover effective and natural methods to eliminate centipedes from your home. Create a pest-free environment and enjoy a comfortable living space with these helpful tips.
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Centipede Adaptation Is Divinely Engineered

Crawly centipedes usually elicit shock and revulsion when they appear in one’s home, the woods, or some other place. They are found from deserts and Amazon forests to surge zones of seashores. Centipedes are not insects but belong to a large group of arthropods called the Myriapoda (having multiple segments and many paired legs) that also includes the millipedes. There are four classes within the Myriapoda, and their evolutionary relationships are only “hypothetical.”1 Meanwhile, the fo

Adriana Theodoro
Stigmatogaster | Found this long yellow Burrowing centipede … | Flickr by Andre De Kesel Centipedes, Millipedes, Nature, Centipede Reference, Centipede Aesthetic, Interesting Bugs, Weird Looking Animals, Sand Fleas, Creepy Animals


Found this long yellow Burrowing centipede (approx. 7cm long, Stigmatogaster subterranea, Himantariidae, Chilopoda) in a pile of dead wood in the garden. Studio work with a slightly numbed specimen. Focus stack based on 75 exposures, assembled in Zerene Stacker (Pmax), not cropped. Canon 5Dmkii, MP-E 65mm at 1.5x, ISO-100, f/5, 1/25sec, -0.3step. Combination of diffused natural and ledlight. A previous post of another centipede in the 1st comment line

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