Chinese breakfast

Discover a variety of delicious Chinese breakfast options to kickstart your morning. Try these traditional dishes and energize yourself for the day ahead.
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Millet Porridge with Sweet Potatoes (Vegan, GF) | The Worktop

This comforting Millet Porridge with Sweet Potatoes is perfect for a simple breakfast. It's easy to cook and gentle on the tastebuds, making it the perfect breakfast when everything else might just sound too sweet, too oily, or too heavy.

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Chinese Family Breakfast Pancake » CookingFollowMe

Just three onions plus three potatoes! Making Chinese Family Breakfast Pancake is so quick and easy. Different from American pancakes, you need to apply cream and jam. This Chinese Family Breakfast Pancake will surprise you, the taste is absolutely super good, I love Chinese food! Chinese Family Breakfast Pancake I […]

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Chinese Steamed Egg - How to make silky egg custard | The Worktop

Chinese Steamed Egg (also known as Chinese Steamed Egg Custard) is a healthy breakfast. Learn how steam eggs Chinese style, as well as useful tips and tricks. This is an easy recipe that takes 15 minutes to make, and is a unique way to have steamed eggs for breakfast.

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14 Traditional Chinese Breakfast Foods For Anyone Who Loves Variety | Food For Net

Breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day, it’s also the most interesting one. The amount of variation from one country to the next is truly incredible. Some cultures make a big deal out of breakfast, focusing on large savory meals that can keep them going for most of the day. Others almost