Chopstick rest

Enhance your dining experience with these unique and stylish chopstick rest ideas. Find the perfect rest that adds a touch of elegance to your table setting.
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Ihoshiro Kiln was established in 2007 in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, a city rich in nature. It is a ceramic studio that produces original chopstick rests with "feelings and hands" in mind.At present, more than 20 artisans are making cute chopstick rests every day. They design chopstick rests, which are small pieces

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Lovely ceramic craftsmanship. Size: 2"x1.2"/5cm*3cm. If this is a gift for dolphin lovers, you just scored big time. Great addition to any table. Make for a great conversation piece. A pack of 4 Cutest Chopstick Holders. This is the kind of thing that makes meals fun. A whimsical addition to the table when having sushi or something similar at home.

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【PRODUCT 1 PAIR OF CHOPSTICKS & 1 CHOPSTICKS REST 【QUALITY MADE IN KOREA】 Our spoon and chopsticks are proudly made in Korea. It made of high quality Jujube wood. Their edges have been polished many times and are smooth that they won't scratch your mouth. 【Organic Resin Coating】 This wooden spoon and chopsticks are surface coated with the natural resin, original from lacquer tree. This is traditional Korean coating process, Ottchil (also known as Chinese Lacquer). This coating gives…

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