Clean garden tools

Discover effective methods to clean your garden tools and keep them in top condition. Learn how to remove dirt and rust to ensure your tools last for years to come.
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Even if you have years of rust and grime built up on your garden tools, you can clean them quickly and easily with no scrubbing at all. You just need two household ingredients to keep your tools looking shiny and new. Here's your go-to guide for removing rust from tools, no elbow grease needed!

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Don't let laziness lead to rusty blades and sticky pruners. Learn how to clean your garden tools quickly (and sharpen them automatically) by setting up a simple tool cleaning station in your yard. All you need are a bucket of sand and a bottle of oil to do most of the work for you.

Bonnie Mowrer
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Learn some quick and easy ways you can use to disinfect and sterilize your gardening tools. Whether you use rubbing alcohol, 10% bleach, or a commercial cleaning agent, disinfecting gardening tools is a must-do for any orchid grower. #Orchids #OrchidCare

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