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If Marija Tiurina’s latest watercolor appears to be a random mishmash of dreamy scenes, that’s because it is. The London-based illustrator (previously) recently completed “The Lockdown Project,” a dense composition inspired by dozens of submissions she collected during the first few weeks of quarantine. Complete with childhood memories, dreams, and colloquialisms, the illustration depicts a rich network of bizarre characters and fictional tales that flow organically between scenes. More

sarah lukas
Fantastical Atmospheres Are Rendered with Dark Impasto Strokes in Digital Paintings by RHADS | Colossal Surrealism, Kunst Inspiration, Colossal Art, Lukisan Cat Air, Dream Art, Unique Wall Art, The Dream, Beautiful Paintings, Digital Painting

Impasto strokes in deep shades of blue and gray form the volatile environments that backdrop Artem Chebokha’s surreal works. The Saint Petersburg-based artist, who uses the moniker RHADS, mimics the texture of oil paint in his digital pieces. Situated within heavy clouds and pockets of lightning, elements of unusual scale, like minuscule airplanes or an oversized octopus, create otherworldly atmospheres filled with unpredictable weather and open expanses. Prints of Chebokha’s dreamy…

Kathy Christie
Impossible Cityscapes by Benjamin Sack Draw Inspiration From Cartography and Musical Compositions | Colossal Library Of Babel, Cityscape Drawing, Photo Print Sizes, Musical Composition, Colossal Art, Arte Cyberpunk, Visual Culture, Modern Crafts, Fantasy Concept Art

At the Direktorenhaus Museum in Berlin this past week, a solo exhibition of detailed architectural drawings by Virginia-based artist Benjamin Sack (previously) opened to the public. Titled Labyrinths, the collection of new works features vast cityscapes comprised of impossible inner-geometries. The maze-like urban maps reference musical compositions and various symbols found in cosmology. Often creating based on what he calls a “fear of blank spaces,” Sack tells Colossal that his starting…

Carl Maxwell
Paintings by Michael Kerbow Warn of Dire Consequences for Current Actions surreal painting environment 3d Street Art, Future City, Tower Of Babel, Colossal Art, Arte Cyberpunk, 판타지 아트, Fantasy Landscape, Metropolis, Fantasy World

Michael Kerbow is an artist based in San Francisco who works in a variety of mediums including painting, assemblage, drawing and digital photography. Of particular note are his large oil and acrylic paintings that depict surreal and at times nightmarish visions of the future, where industry and human development has grown without regulation or care for the environment. Kerbow shares via email: My work explores the way in which we engage with our surroundings and the possible consequences our…

Erika Grasmick
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Illustrator Felicia Chiao balances out her work as an industrial designer at IDEO with imaginative drawings rendered in copic marker and gel ink pens. Chiao’s fanciful worlds are populated with a repeating humanoid protagonist, as well as spirit-like black figures reminiscent of the symbolic creatures in Hayao Miyazaki films. The artist balances her charming aesthetic—cheerful details like daisies and friendly worms—with more evocative emotional themes. “Illustration has always been a way…

Maddison Miron
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Ecuadorian artist Beto Val alchemizes vintage illustrations into bizarre compositions that blend fruits with fowl and aquatic life with land animals. Using imagery available through the public domain, Val cuts and repositions fins, wings, and scaly talons into surreal creatures: round owl faces peer out from pineapples, autumn leaves sprout from tropical birds, and a rendering evocative of a biological chart displays fish with bodies made of strawberries, brains, and an early, industrial…

Angelika Mayr-gehler
Surreal Drawings, Paintings and Murals by Rustam QBic  street art murals drawing Art And Illustration, Surreal Drawings, Surrealism Drawing, Kazan Russia, Art Surrealism, Seni 2d, Marcel Duchamp, Surrealism Art, Arte Inspo

With a wildly surreal imagination, artist Rustam QBic from Kazan, Russia creates fish adorned with houses and windows, elephants sprouting giant buildings, and a goose whose feathers are made from a ocean of angry waves. Almost every one of his creations, be it on paper or on a wall is brimming with wonderful ideas and often have to be viewed up close to appreciate their full detail. He most recently completed murals for the LGZ Festival and for Art-Ovrag 2013, and you can see many more…

Martha Petersen
Face Masks Hold Fish Tanks and Overgrown Patches of Botanics in Surreal Illustrations by Kit Layfield | Colossal Surrealism Drawing, Pen Art Work, Earth Drawings, Pictures With Deep Meaning, Bottle Drawing, Drawing Competition, Colossal Art, Seni Cat Air, Fish Tanks

A long way from the packs of blue, disposable masks many of us bulk purchased at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the face coverings Philadelphia-based illustrator Kit Layfield envisions are a bit more complex and otherworldly. He draws intricate contraptions featuring the traditional nose-and-mouth covering that then are connected to larger collars adorned with luxuriant shrubs, miniature ecosystems, and tiny fish tanks. The individual subjects all are situated within the diverse…

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