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Discover a collection of comedy comics that will have you laughing out loud. Get ready to dive into a world of funny characters and witty punchlines that will brighten your day.
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Meet Out Plamondon's Hilarious Comics

Everyone in life has different experiences and uniquely lives them out. However, there are some things that we can all relate to, or at least laugh at. Those things happen to most of us and we don't even realize that. That's what this artist named Kristen Pinpin (better known as Plamondon on Instagram) illustrates.

Oni Olayinka
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104 Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humour

While dark humor isn't a new concept, the name was only introduced in 1935 by the French surrealist Andre Breton. Dark humor jokes include themes that are usually considered taboo or hard to discuss, while often including a touch of irony.

Artemisa Marcella
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Artist Made These 40 Hilariously Absurd Comics With Ridiculously Unexpected Twists

Here's a little treat of great comics for your day. These comics will probably make you surprised at how good they actually are. They have everything that a great comic needs, and even extra: great sense of humor and style, killer punchlines and a dash of consistency. This whole mixture is almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Abigail Caiado
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My Childhood Nostalgia In 31 Wholesome Comics

Hi, my name is Tin! I draw comics about my daily life! Here are some of my childhood story comics. I enjoy recollecting my childhood memories, and drawing them through comics helped me to reconnect with my inner child.