Cough drops for kids

Help your kids find relief from cough with delicious and effective cough drops. Discover a variety of flavors and options to soothe their throat and promote a speedy recovery.
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These homemade cough drops recipe can really soothe sore throats. Made with honey, they are great for kids when placed on lollipop sticks. You can adapt this recipe to add lemon, herbs, or essential oils for a custom remedy when you are feeling sick.

Christina DeLuca
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During the cold season or any time when air quality is poor or there are other airway irritations, having your own homemade cough drops can help soothe and relieve coughs and sore throats. If you enjoy making candy, preserves, or other confections, you will love the addictive process of making your own cough drops. We…

Christy Gilbert