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Discover effective counselling activities that can help individuals explore their emotions, build resilience, and foster personal growth. Try these engaging activities to enhance your counselling sessions and support your clients in their journey towards emotional well-being.
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Group therapy mental health worksheets are effective tools designed to enhance the therapeutic process for individuals and groups dealing with mental health challenges. With a focus on promoting self-reflection and fostering healthy communication, these worksheets provide a structured approach to address various emotional and psychological issues. Whether you're a mental health professional seeking resources for your group therapy sessions or an individual looking to explore your own…

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Introducing Mindfulness in your school counseling program can be of GREAT benefit! Mindfulness is a useful practice that is being taught all over the world. Mindfulness is a technique to simply be fully present in the moment. It seems to be a daily occurrence that our students report feeling overwhelmed due to stress and worries. Mindfulness activities can help keep stress and anxiety under control and help create a more peaceful life. The purpose of mindful coloring is to have students pay…

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These are four printable self-esteem worksheets including a printable gratitude journal. Worksheets, Therapy Worksheets, Art, Counselling Activities, Self Esteem Building Activities, Self Esteem Worksheets, Self Esteem Activities, Confidence Building Activities, Confidence Activities

Are you looking for self-esteem activities for kids? These fun, engaging self-esteem worksheets will help your kids to see the positive attributes they possess. Being able to recognize their strengths will help build their self-esteem and confidence. These self-esteem worksheets will help all ages from elementary school aged kids to teenagers. They are equally beneficial to adult women and men. Download these freebies today! #selfesteemactivitiesforkids

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Social emotional learning resources for teachers, counselors, and parents. Kid-friendly activities that teach key social emotional skills such as understanding and managing feelings, goal setting, building relationships, resolving conflicts, and responsible decision making. Download and get started!