Croissant recipe

Learn how to make flaky and buttery croissants from scratch with these easy-to-follow recipes. Impress your family and friends with your baking skills and enjoy a warm and fresh croissant with your favorite filling.
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Best Homemade Croissant Recipe

This extensive tutorial has everything you need for How to Make Croissants at Home with step-by-step photos, video and lots of tips! All of that information is located in the article above this recipe. I highly recommend you take the time to read through it if this is your first time making croissants. The video is located above this recipe, and a longer more detailed video can be found on Youtube.

Oli Rademaker
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Classic French Croissants 101 Guide

Freshly-baked, deliciously flaky and buttery classic French Croissants, made from scratch in the comfort of your own kitchen… Could there be anything better? With their thin crisp layers, lig…

Sharon Gilbert
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Easy Croissants

This Shortcut Croissants recipe is a more streamlined version of the classic method. It's less fussy yet still produces exceptionally similar results to traditional croissants. This easy-ish recipe results in 8 really delicious, buttery croissants with lovely layering and beautiful exteriors. They're made with only one easy lamination step (without needing to make a butter block), very little dough rolling, and can be made in as few as 12 hours.