Cross stitch basics

Discover the essential techniques and materials for cross stitch. Start your journey into the world of needlework and create stunning designs with our beginner-friendly tutorials and patterns.
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Different ways how to start your cross stitch. How to start cross stitch without a knot

Different ways how to start your cross stitch This blog post explains multiple ways how to start your cross stitch project. If you are new to cross stitch you might like to know the easiest way to start cross stitch for beginners. If you prefer a little challenge, read the section where we explain how

Annie Tan
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How to Railroad Cross Stitch

If you have heard of the railroad method for cross stitch but are not sure what it is or how to do it then I am going to explain all. The main reason to use it is to get neater cross stitches, but there are other benefits. This is NOT an advanced technique; it's easy to master and is actually pretty handy to know whether you are a cross stitch beginner or more advanced stitcher.

Stacy Hodges
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15 Hints And Tips To Make You A Professional Cross Stitcher - Hannah Hand Makes

Although the basics of cross stitch are pretty easy to get the hang of, these hints and tips should help make it even easier and give your work a professional look.

Julie Wilson-Mumford