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Estimated read time: 12 minutes - 2017 was pretty interesting concerning new technologies and open a whole new generation of crossbows making exciting 2018. And 2018 delivered, most main manufacturers took time to increase each product to give the customers a new shooting experience.

Hunter Staley
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ONYX Tactical Crossbow Powered by Steambow The ONYX powered by Steambow is not only the perfect combination of speed, power, ergonomics, and one of the most powerful hunting crossbows in the world, it is collapsible and offers a revolutionary one-push cocking system, where cocking is achieved at the push of a button. Automatically cock your

Hunter Romo
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Here is a project wich I made for personal training, I started that with a initial concept (which you can see at the last image) but I changed it a little to look more realistic. It was a great experience to made such a complex model in a style that I like very much, the medieval. I've came across several challenges in all the process, like changing the concept-art which I had to delve into research to create a more realistic junction of the objects. I learned a lot about materials too…


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