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Take control of your speed with cruise control. Discover how this feature can make your driving more comfortable and convenient. Explore top ideas for using cruise control on your next road trip.
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Americans may think they know all there is to know about cars—after all, the automobile is deeply ingrained in our culture—but when it comes to conserving fuel, money, and air quality, we could learn a lot from Europeans. In Sweden, for instance, the law requires drivers to learn fuel-saving “eco-driving” before they can obtain a driver’s license. Officials there say eco-driving techniques—including coasting, putting the car into the right gear, and braking slowly—are reducing the country’s…

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So much ’80s art, so little time… Two years ago when I started this blog, I had to search long and hard to find 1980s images online. I knew every ’80s design pic by heart, and I a…

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Our goal at Cruise Fever is simple, to help you have the best cruise vacation possible. With that being said, here are the biggest mistakes people make when taking a cruise on Carnival Cruise Line. Use these Carnival cruise tips wisely and feel free to add your own advice in the comment section below. Not Purchasing FTTF - What's FTTF? Faster to the Fun lets you skip lines during your cruise for a small fee. You receive priority boarding, priority tender tickets, priority disembarkation, a…