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Explore innovative ways to visualize data on maps and gain meaningful insights. Discover top ideas to create visually stunning and informative data visualizations for your maps.
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You know what creates pollution — cars, factories, power plants — but do you know how much is coming from exactly where? A group of NASA-funded researchers from Arizona State University, JPL and Caltech is trying to answer that question for all of South…

Philip Mak
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Struggling to remember or make sense of complicated information? Maybe a visual makeover with an eye-catching chart or graph will help! And if you have doubts about its effectiveness, allow us to introduce you to a subreddit called “Data Art”. It's a community dedicated to sharing “aesthetically satisfying data visualizations that you'd be proud to hang on your wall”.

katie kharebava
Petroleum in our daily lives                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus Data Visualization

Industry defines the structure of our economy, of our work environment, of our personal mobility, and of our urban space. Furniture, buildings, artificial light, food: 99 percent of the things that surround us are influenced by industrial machines of some kind. Yet, industrialization as a single development goal, and industrialized as a descriptive term for […]

Alvaro Orbea