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Experience the thrill and intensity of disaster movies that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Explore the top picks for heart-pounding action, suspense, and jaw-dropping special effects.
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The Wave (Bølgen) - David Moody - author of AUTUMN and HATER

I do love a good disaster movie. Trouble is, they don’t make them like they used to. These days they tend to be bombastic and CGI-heavy and usually a). don’t make a lot of sense, and b). star ex-wrestlers. My wife and I went on holiday to Norway last month, and while we were away I was reminded of a fairly recent disaster movie that I actually enjoyed. I thought it would be a good recommendation for this site. And why was I reminded of this particular film? Because our cruise ship docked in…

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Review: 'Into The Storm' Is 'Twister' For The Climate Change/YouTube Era

Thumbnail - Into the Storm is visually dazzling and mostly successful in updating the disaster film for the YouTube age, but it is marred by contrived characters and icky politics. On a purely technical level, Into the Storm delivers. The special effects work is basically flawless, and you absolutely get what you arguably came to see. You want big-screen [...]