Diy button quail cage

Build your own button quail cage with these creative and easy DIY ideas. Provide a safe and comfortable habitat for your button quails with these step-by-step instructions and designs.
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*For the purposes of this article, "quail" refers to Coturnix coturnix japonica (Japanese/Pharaoh/Coturnix Quail) only. Other species of quail have different housing requirements. Keeping Quail Quail are a fantastic bird to keep as a hobby. They grow and mature incredibly quickly, reaching sexual maturity at 7 weeks and butchering age at 8 weeks. When given sufficient amounts of natural or incandescent light, a single hen will lay more than 300 eggs per year. They also have relatively small…

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If you just hatched or are looking to hatch baby button quails, you WILL need a brooder to keep them in. A brooder is a safe, clean place where the button quail chicks will spend at least the very first three weeks of their lives. At this time you will also need to maintain a "safe" temperature. The suggested temperatures are one hundred degrees for the first week, ninety five degrees the second and 85-90 the third. At about the third week for quail I start turning the heat lamp off during…

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