Diy cardboard throne chair

Transform your space with these creative DIY cardboard throne chair ideas. Learn how to make your own throne chair and add a touch of royalty to your home decor.
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After browsing Pinterest and Google for a while looking for a good DIY royal throne prop tutorial, I realized there are none! Here's a fairly easy, cheap way to make a royal throne. A friend of mine required a royal throne for the king in a movie she was filming. I was assigned the task of making a low-budget throne. The total cost was probably about $14, but I did use a bunch of stuff I found we already have laying around the house that you may not have. Still, even with buying all the…

Sarah Edwards
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The thing I love most about researching and writing about DIY is the fact that I get to see the most creative ideas in the world. There are so many outstanding ideas, that it can become difficult to keep track of them all, but there are those ideas that literally stop you in your tracks.

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