Diy floating candles

Learn how to make your own floating candles and add a touch of magic to any occasion. Discover step-by-step tutorials and creative ideas to elevate your decor.
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A New - And Better! - Way To Make Floating Candles

Two years ago my DIY floating candles for our Harry Potter tree got a lot of attention online, so you might recognize these: Those are battery-operated candles, though, so if you need to make LOTS of them - say, more than 10 or 20 - then the battery cost alone starts to add up. (They each take 2 AAs) The only other floating candle method I've seen uses toilet paper rolls and LED tealights. The tealights are too small for the rolls, though, so you have to use hot glue to make a "shelf" inside…

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With a little paint and a lot of creativity, you can turn cardboard tubes into a festive Halloween craft. Use BEHR Paint in Ultra Pure White and Arrowhead to give these fun fall decorations a terrifying twist. Hang your DIY floating flameless candles on your front porch to secure your spot as the spookiest house in the neighborhood. Check out this easy tutorial to learn more. Diy Halloween Tent Decor, Halloween Decor From Cardboard, Diy Halloween Floating Candles, Diy Floating Candles Halloween, Diy Floating Ghost Decoration, Diy Halloween Decorations With Cardboard, Floating Halloween Decor, Diy Halloween Decorations Cardboard, Hanging Candles Halloween

Halloween How-To: Floating Flameless Candles - Colorfully BEHR

Add a little magic to your holiday this year with these easy to make floating flameless candles. To complete this project you will need the following tools and materials: Paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls. Paint, I used (ULTRA PURE WHITE and Arrowhead N320-6) Craft glue 2 small/detail paint brushes Tissue paper Water Glue […]

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Create a stunning 'water candle' that will impress your guests right at home. Here's how Water Candles Diy How To Make, Water Bead Crafts, Water Beads Ideas Centerpieces, Water Bead Centerpieces, Floating Candle Ideas, Water Candles Floating, Diy Water Candles, Water Beads Ideas, Clear Water Beads

Create a stunning 'water candle' that will impress your guests right at home. Here's how

Water candles have a magical effect that offer a beautiful illuminated illusion that can liven up your home or serve as a party centerpiece. You can find floating centerpieces at many bridal showers, weddings, and other fancy events. You can even create fun playful candles, like an ocean scene from “Finding Nemo,” or pretty much...

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