DIY leather tools

Get started on your leather crafting journey with these essential DIY leather tools. Discover the must-have tools that will help you create beautiful leather projects with ease.
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With a little help from a friend. Score, cut and bevel. 1/8". A 3-in-1! Someone said the handle looks like a hot dog! This is one of the most viewed posts! Thanks for the visits! Sheep Bones! 14/02/2014 28/02/2014 Shall keep updating with a new post dated Feb.26th,2009 24/03/2013 Extra fingers to hold leather in place. For measuring bracelet sizes. Dog Comb? 23/01/2014. In progress, a leather covered stitching pony with…

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Homemade or Makeshift Tools to Make a Leather Pendant: For my first Instructable I wanted to show how to make and use a couple of basic tools for leather working, in this case making a leather pendant. I remember what it was like when I first started working with leather, and didn't have some of the too…

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Using a Dremel tool while leathercrafting can greatly speed up your workflow. Not only can you engrave leather with a dremel but using extra attachments can help sand, finish edges buff and more to speed up your next leather project. In this article I go over tips of using a Dremel with leather.

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