Diy mushroom decor

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with these creative DIY mushroom decor ideas. Discover how to make unique and enchanting decorations that will bring a magical vibe to any space.
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There's an excellent mushroom DIY by Emma of ystreetstudio over on Instagram, and as soon as my Craft Night crew saw it, they put in requests to make our own. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Emma (@ystreetstudio) So good, right? And a fairly simply process, so of course I was onboard. That is, until John and I went to JoAnns and saw the price of those large Styrofoam balls. o.0 Aw HECK no. Even with one ball making two 'shrooms, this drives the material cost up to about $15…

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Jute covered mushrooms. Yes I covered the mushroom stems in jute. And to go along with the totally fake mushrooms is some totally fake grass! Or should we take it outside in the real grass? Here’s how I made them: 1. Start with paper mache mushrooms. (Michaels $1.50 each) 2. Prime the mushroom caps. 3.... Read more

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via: sillylittleplants Episode 3 I a few DIY mushrooms for less than 2 bucks each (I already had the paint, glue, and spray enamel)!

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Calling all mushroom lovers! Are you looking for the perfect way to incorporate mushrooms into your home decor? We have a simple and cheap way to create these DIY mushroom lights! These mushroom lights will

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